Talent Combinations Ranger

Name Ability Talents:
Bounty Hunter Additional Ability:
Stun duration +50% for "Knockout Strike," Attack +4%

"I'll take you dead or alive."

Wind Walker Additional Ability:
Movement Speed +8%, Magic Defense +7%

"My Speed is such that even ghosts are left in my dust."

Cannoneer Additional Ability:
Ranged Attack +5%, Hit Rate +5%

"Light the fuse and plug your ears."

Samurai Additional Ability:
Hit Rate +10%, Received Physical Critical Damage and Magic Critical Damage -30%

"The way of the warrior is the resolute acceptance of your death, and a willingness to bring it to others."

Strategic Sniper Additional Ability:
MP Cost -15, Evade +3%

"You think being a gunman is all about fancy tricks? You've got a lot to learn!"

Ranged Assassin Additional Ability:
Evade +3%, Ranged Attack Speed +10%

"Reach out and touch someone."

Fast Walker Additional Ability:
Evade +5%, Movement Speed +8%

"I move like the wind and am just as difficult to catch."

Piercing Spear Warrior Additional Ability:
Hit Rate +20%

"My spear can pierce an enemy's weakness before he's even seen me."

Cannoneer Additional Ability:
Ranged Attack +5%, Evade +3%

"My missiles might as well be homing pigeons for their accuracy."

Sniper Additional Ability:
Critical Damage +30%

"Your skull is paltry protection for your brain when faced with me."

Tactical Shooter Additional Ability:
Defense +9%, Magic Defense +9%

"At times, I am simply untouchable."

Speedy Scout Additional Ability:
Malice -15%, Critical Damage +10%

"My footfalls are soundless, and my strikes true."