Talent Combinations Void Runner

Name Ability Talents:
Crystal Rift Blade Additional Effect:
Magic Critical Attack +8%

"My Crystal Reft Blade will cut you to ribbons!"

Demon Blade Lord Additional Effect:
M-ATK +4%, Evade +8%

"I'm the most dangerous demon you'll meet!"

Demon Crystal Vanguard Additional Effect:
Cast Speed +5%, Movement Speed +8%

"There's no match for my Demonic Crystal skills!"

Dark Walker Additional Effect:
Magic Critical Damage +10%, Hit Rate +10%

"Lurk in the darkness and wait to strike!"

Life Snatcher Additional Effect:
M-ATK +3%, Magic Critical Attack +5%

"Taking your life will be like taking out the trash!"

Revealer Additional Effect:
Magic Critical Attack +5%, Hit Rate +5%

"I've mastered everything the Shaman could teach, and more!"

Space Drift Additional Effect:
P-DEF +8%, Evade +5%

"Don't try to take me head on!"

Dimension Breaker Additional Effect:
M-ATK +4%, Movement Speed +8%

"My travels are legendary!"

Time Drifter Additional Effect:
Magic Critical Attack +6%, MP Depletion -15

"Time is no object for me..."

Air Chopper Additional Effect:
Magic PEN +4%, Attack Speed +10%

"My blade can split the very air in two!"

Dimensional Lord Additional Effect:
Received Critical Rate -15%

"I have mastered the void and have come to disdain everything."

Frenzied Demonic Blade Additional Effect:
P-ATK +10%, M-ATK +10%

"Want to learn a new trick? How about sword swallowing?!"