Talent Combinations Wizard

Name Ability Talents:
Flame Master Additional Ability:
Damage from "Scorching Strike" +6%, Fire Resistance +10%

"The enemy shall BURN!"

Ice Master Additional Ability:
Damage from "Icy Grip" +12%, Ice Resistance +10%

"Stay frosty!"

Lightning Master Additional Ability:
Damage from "Thunderous Electrical Net" +8%, Lightning Resistance +10%

"I like thunder and lightning. Ah, the shocking and the booming."

Archmage Additional Ability:
Evade +6%, Hit Rate +15%

"My magic will bring true chaos to all my foes."

Soul Mana Observer Additional Ability:
Magic Defense +6%, Movement Speed +10%

"Magic is a river, and I am the ferryman."

High Sorcery Scholar Additional Ability:
Defense +6%, All Resistances +10%

"My wisdom offers more protection than the strongest castle walls."

Astrologer Additional Ability:
Malice -10%, Magic Critical Damage +15%

"Starlight shows the path to your destruction."

Prophet Additional Ability:
Evade +15%

"I know your every thrust and feint before you do."

Magic Defender Additional Ability:
Defense and Magic Defense +8%

"I'm better at blocking than you are at attacking."

Mana Messenger Additional Ability:
Evade +10%, Magic Defense +7%

"I meditate to regain my essence."

Soul Mana Master Additional Ability:
Hit Rate +7%, Magic Attack +4%

"Magic takes me to new heights and greater greatness."

Magic Researcher Additional Ability:
Cast Speed +5%, Hit Rate +12%

"Ancient societies were not as primitive as we think. Their knowledge is unmatched and still of great use today."

Energy Saver Additional Ability:
MP Cost -10, Max MP +3%

"I feed off your energy and pain, laughing as I rain down destruction upon you.

Sorcery Researcher Additional Ability:
Physical Damage -7%

"Magic is the best medicine to alleviate pain."

Spiritual Scholar Additional Ability:
Max HP +5%, Magic Defense +10%

"Mind over matter. If you don't mind the pain, it doesn't matter."

Mystic Mentor Additional Ability:
Magic Critical +3%, Hit Rate +10%

"Anything that stands in your way exists only because you allow it."