Basic Information
Level 85
Exp 516000

L85. Class Advancement: Jin's Trial

Suddenly, a clear voice boomed in your head. You believed it was Carso's Sage. You felt as if you were standing directly in front of the Sage of Wraiths in Aurawhisp Hamlet.

Carso told you to find me. I shall help you advance on the path of Templar, though it is a path from which I fled in the past.

My inner fears proved too strong, and I could not master the path. Everyone must make his or her own choices.

Your journey shan't be easy. Take a look around Aurawhisp Hamlet and think carefully about your choices. If you decide that you truly want to follow the path, come back to me.
Have you looked around and thought about it?

This place is too big, and you don't know where to go? Very funny.

*Edge Wraith coordinates (100¡A172)
*Blade Wraith coordinates (401¡A553)
*Reaveland coordinates (736¡A628)
*Carso's Altar coordinates (94¡A442)

Hunt Monster
Edge Wraith x5
Shattered Deer x5
Nosh Jelly Rabbit x5
Travel to
Aurawhisp Hamlet (X:107,Y:171)
Aurawhisp Hamlet (X:401,Y:554)
Aurawhisp Hamlet (X:98,Y:441)
Aurawhisp Hamlet (X:735,Y:628)
Acquired Title
Crusader's Soul